What is Your Baby Saying? Decode the Secret Language of Babies

What if there was a way to know what your baby needed, and be able to respond to their cues in the most efficient way possible, minimizing fuss and tantrums? What if you could speak your baby’s language? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Priscilla Dunstan says that she can, and that she can teach you too, as she has taught countless other mothers.

Priscilla always had a highly evolved photographic memory for sound. When she was a toddler would play back songs on her family’s piano after hearing them once. She could hear things that others did not, a “second language” of moods and vibrational frequencies not picked up by regular ears.

When she became a mother she began to hear different sounds in her son’s cries. She thought they were unique to her baby, but then heard the same sound cues from other babies she encountered.

She began to study these various sounds and isolated them to five identifiable cries that she says all babies make based on their reflex responses for certain bodily functions and needs. She turned this into the Dunstan Baby Language (DBL).

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