Rineke Dijkstra and the stories her photographs tell

We see millions of images every day. Every moment we see is a small picture that flashes through our brain and into our core. Some images rush out of our minds forever, and some will never leave us. These fleeting memory portraits can become distorted over time, turning some into facades on inflated pedestals, and unfairly demoting others. However a minority of these moments are lucky enough to be captured and shared via a photograph: tangible evidence that an isolated incident occurred in a single moment. To really take a great photograph often you have to take a large amount of bad ones. Sometimes you get lucky and click the shutter at exactly the precise second. What makes a good photograph? What takes a picture beyond a snapshot and turns it into art? I think it is one that leaves you moved, curious, shocked, or makes you look twice and wonder what the story is within that vignette.

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