Public Works in San Francisco

In a town full of happening nightlife spots that usually lean towards one of two extremes: grungy hipster bars and Top-40 bourgeois clubs; Public Works establishes itself as a destination because of its underground feel, killer soundsystem, and a cool factor that just cannot be described by words (but of course I’ll try anyways). I know it primarily as a nightclub, but Public Works is more than just that, it is a multifaceted event and community space.

The centrally located Mission District venue is composed of an art gallery (Roll Up Gallery), a main room, a mezzanine area that overlooks the main room, and a smaller upstairs room (Odd Job) with it’s own bar (at which often the wait is shorter) and a fun custom built clubhouse that you can climb in and on. Sometimes the Odd Job and Roll Up Gallery are open individually, but on more popular nights all the rooms are connected.

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