Miss G Designs – About Caley Johnson

Miss G’s two biggest assets must be her heart and imagination.

With both of these things she has singlehandedly spawned a fantasy world where anyone can be a princess, warrior, sea serpent, goddess, or anything they want simply by donning one of her fanciful headpieces.

Looking at her extravagant creations, you would never know that she has no fashion, art, or design training to speak of. If anything, her lack of training contrasts with her dynamite execution and makes her detail work even more impressive.

“I’m not some big fancy designer; I’m just a silly girl making headpieces out of my home studio… If anyone had told me I would be living in LA and making custom headpieces for celebrities, I would have told them they were crazy!”

Miss G is Caley Johnson, a Colorado native who grew up surrounded by the peaky mountains of Denver. Growing up she had little interest in design or fashion, although she loved crafting and getting her hands dirty.

Hollywood dreams couldn’t have been further from her mind after graduation when she spent her time studying natural medicine, assisting at births as a doula, performing with a local belly dancing troupe, and saving up money to travel from nanny jobs. She fell in love with travel, and began to take long trips abroad. She traveled across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  She spent a season working in Singapore. She also volunteered for months at a hospital in Tanzania, where she was thrust into the role of a doula and midwife.

“That was one of the most intense experiences of my life! I was trained as a doula – not as a doctor or midwife – and yet there I was delivering babies in Tanzania.”

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