Lucent Dossier Experience Presents Solstice of the Dreamers

Captivating music, dance, unique aerial arts and mystique that takes you back to the twisted mayhem of Paris in the late 1800′s and the wild underground of the early 1960′s… 

The allure of the stage is a gateway to a dreamland. You don’t go to a performance to stare at a stage, you go to lose yourself in another world… Performances should transport you through darkness and light and invoke fantasies usually only brought to reality in slumber. From start to finish Lucent Dossier Experience transports you to insane worlds of shadows and intrigue.

The mixture of raw cirque talent, extravagant costumery, dirty bass music, sensual choreography, and overall darkness draws you into their world. For all the opulence of the performers and the set, what strikes you the most while watching a performance is the raw dirty emotion portrayed. If Cirque de Soleil makes you feel like dancing with butterflies under the sunshine in summer, Lucent Dossier Experience would make you want to howl naked at the moon on Winter Solstice.

Be intrigued… Be very intrigued…. I hope you will join me this Friday to watch the magic unfold on the second darkest night of the year.

Published for Burn After Reading Magazine here.

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