Kyra Love’s Guide to Packing for the Playa

No matter how much and how long you prep for Burning Man, you will ALWAYS forget something. It’s inevitable. I’ve racked my brain and gone through lists from past years trying to remember every little thing that has made my playa experiences easier and more enjoyable. I’m hoping that this list will help you plan, prep and run around like a mad person the week(s) before The Burn, so during your week there you can party stress-free, knowing that you have over planned and are ready for anything. Well, almost anything. No one is ever quite ready to be squirted in the face with breast milk aboard a fire breathing unicorn on a high dose of LSD, whilst trying to contemplate how to pee off the side without anyone noticing or getting your tutu dirty. But for most other things this list will help.

Read the full list here on Burn After Reading )’(It’s a great list.)’(