Doodlin’ in Queensland: an interview with Jodie Lyons

In 2010 my friend Jodie sporadically decided to put her stuff in storage and travel to Australia for a few months. A few months grew quickly into a year and right before the start of 2012 she set foot on American soil for the first time since she left. I was excited to see her again, but to be quite honest I almost didn’t recognize her. Never mind it was a New Year’s Day after-party and we hadn’t slept yet, the girl looked completely different. She was fitter, tanner, and she had this magical glow about her. Travel fiend that I am, I wanted to know about her adventures, and most of her answers stemmed back to her solitude in Queensland and the art influenced by it.

Looking at her pieces I see a journey with both bright colors and darkness that wouldn’t have taken place without an adventurous spirit, and a whole lot of confidence. I want to share with you some of the beauty that travel has inspired through Jodie. I hope you enjoy her words, her art, and her tutus.

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