A Do and Don’t Guide to Getting a Tattoo Souvenir

What better way is there to commemorate a life-altering travel experience than to literally ink a souvenir of it onto your body? It’s way cooler than a shell necklace. It will last longer than a bottle of rum. And your friends will want to see it more than those 200 digital photos of you drunk and sunburned.

If you haven’t already noticed, let me start off by saying I am very pro-tattoo. I have about 20 hours worth on my own body, and every one has its own story and meaning. However my appreciation of good tattoos has also resulted in a loathing of bad and generic tattoos. If this article stops one person from getting a sombrero in Mexico, a pot-leaf from Amsterdam, or anything else you will love and not cringe at when you are old, cute and wrinkled, then I will sleep a little bit better at night.

Here is my DO and DON’T guide to getting tattooed abroad (or anywhere):

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