5 Reasons Burning Man is Not Like Any Other Festival You Have Ever Been To

I’m a self-admitted festival hussie.  My parents were huge hippies and I grew up going to lots of festivals and giant outdoor concerts, and as an adult I’ve been to and worked at my fair share.  But no other week has blown my mind and changed me as much as going to Burning Man.

In San Francisco I take it for granted everyone knows about it; the city practically empties for this one critical week.  But when I travel, I inevitably end up trying to share my experiences of this extraordinary place, and I become tongue-tied and feel I am unable to fully express what it is and what it means to me.  All right, it goes something like this:

Burning Man is a week long festival/camp-out/freak-fest in the middle of the desert in Nevada, USA.  For one week a whole city is created from nothing.  This isn’t your regular festival plan: camp here, music there, food here, the line-up is on the program.  The whole experience is created by the participants.   The Burning Man Foundation itself creates and plans out the city, funds grants for the more intricate art pieces, builds the man and temple, and a few other very important things, but the majority of what is seen and enjoyed out there is completely independently funded and created by random participants.

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