100 little things you can do to be happy anywhere

It’s all about the little things. Yes, it’s easy to live fully in the moment and be bubbling over with happiness during a travel excursion, but how does one maintain that sense of adventure the rest of the time? It’s all about appreciating the small things, and setting positive events in motion. It’s about having fun and making life a never ending celebration. It’s about learning, growing, and thriving. If you do enough little things consistently, then they turn into big things, and before you know it you might realize you have found something very special: the ability to be happy wherever you are. Here is a list of little things you can do to enjoy life today. I dare you to do one a day from my list for 100 days. Enjoy!

1. Pick up that dirty penny, put it in your pocket, and know it will bring you good luck.
2. Walk the scenic route.
3. Give away the bus/gas money you saved, by walking, to someone who needs it.
4. Dance to bad music just because it’s playing.
5. Wave back at children when they wave at you.

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